Fuel cards and

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If you need and wish, we can provide you with a fuel card with good discounts. We also provide insurance to your equipment: physical and cargo coverage.

Truck registration
and Permits

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We can help with your truck registration and all necessary permits to be legal and operational over the road.

Rent trailer and
Truck Lease

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Need trailer or truck to rent or lease in order to be more profitable? We got you covered! We can help you rent or lease truck and trailer.

We provide the actual
load confirmations

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We provide rate confirmations because we play fair with the people we work with!

Your paycheck is guaranteed

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You will get paid no matter what!
Your effort - Your money!

No forced dispatch

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We pay the agreed amounts weekly upon receiving of freight documents.
Our dispatchers will recommend a load and you can be sure that you will get 100% of the real Rate Confirmation. Expertise in working with different markets / regions.

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Professional dispatchers and drivers
is our power

Are you an owner operator looking for truck dispatch service?
Our dispatchers will find a good paying load with low deadhead miles.


We expect professional attitude at all time. Our drivers should inform us at all stages and provide all the documents on time, so our dispatchers can inform the brokers and shippers to avoid risks and claims.
Our drivers can be sure that our dispatchers will struggle to provide the best market rate for them.

Our drivers should follow all requirements as described in the confirmation. After each load, we require pictures of all the freight documents send to us immediately. We value driver's precision, accuracy, politeness, timely response and mutual trust.

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