Dedicated load

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We provide direct transport from the shipper to the receiver

High value loads

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We haul high value loads with the $250,000 cargo insurance we have.

Realtime Monitoring

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ELD, Кееp Truckin 24/7 monitored

Competitive shipping rates

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We can handle lanes from multiple states.Our rates are reasonable.

Diversified Logistic Opportunities

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Van, Reefer or Flatbed? East or West Coast, South or North- you are covered!

Speedy delivery FTL

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Fast FTL Shipping because it is dedicated to you.

Your delivery is guaranteed

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We strive to deliver loads on time

Good credit rating

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For 10 years, we have proven that we pay our bills! That is why our credit rating is excellent!



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Reefer hazardous

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Van hazardous

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Power only

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We provide security, competitive prices
and optimal lead times

Through strategically located home-based drivers, we provide our customers with fast direct delivery, fast transit times, low deadhead miles. In this way, we guarantee the reliability and maximum control over all freight transport services.


We have well maintained vehicles

Total of 95 trucks. We have well maintained Vans and Reefers! We manage professionally our truck park and monitor their performance in real time.

Our trucks are properly insured and this has never been stopped or cancelled.

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Our accomplishments

Ideality Inc. is in the transportation and logistics business since 2009.

We are more than 10 years in the trucking business. We have seen good and bad times and always managed to fulfill our commitments and continue serving the transportation industry.

We find strength to address the challenges in the accomplished results.

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